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Feb 20, 2015

Crappy Pictures From The Moon

Feb 20, 2015

Not allthe pictures taken on the Apollo missions to the moon were good. Lots of them were pretty fairly crappy in fact.

christmas burritos

Dec 05, 2014

The five year old wanted to make Christmas art to hang on our front door. So I got her paints, construction paper, etc. and she got to work. She made a tree, she made santa on his sled, made a bunch of wrapped gifts...and then she was making this cylindrical roll of paper. 

"What are you making?" I inquired.

"A burrito."

"A wha? For christmas?"

"Oh course! We always have burritos on Christmas!"

"Um...no. No we don't."

"We always have burritos for christmas!"

"Er...ok then."

I have no idea where this burrito christmas thing came from. I'll add it to the list of weird things my kid thinks is true, like how she thinks she can speak Chinese.

That's the stuff

Nov 18, 2014

the path to all knowledge

Nov 02, 2014