Oct 02, 2014

and they were once gods

Sep 22, 2014

the big k

Sep 05, 2014

OK, wtf. For the last three years my oldest is without fail, day after day, like an atomic clock, up before the crack of dawn, a fireball of energy ready to go. I've often found myself at the 24hour diner at 5am with her because she's so loud and bouncy that if we stayed home she'd wake up everyone else.

Then school starts this week, real actual state sponsored, shit goes on your permanent record school, and she's sleeping like a log until 7:30 and now I'm yelling "WAKE UP!! YOU NEED TO WAKE UP NOW!!"

What has just happened?

The universe does this on purpose, doesn't it?

Crobot Live in NYC

Sep 03, 2014

Sorry I missed this show.



Aug 25, 2014